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How can we help?

Both ScoliCare Clinics in Sydney work with health professionals in all fields to help achieve the best results for scoliosis patients. Often a team approach, using a combination of treatment techniques and therapies, can lead to the best patient outcomes. If you have a patient with scoliosis and are seeking advice, support, or treatment options, please feel free to contact us.

Case Review

We offer a free, confidential case review service to any health professional with questions about their scoliosis cases. We will assess x-rays and discuss available treatment options suitable for each case. To access this service, please email or call 1300 883 884 to speak directly to our team.


To refer a patient to the ScoliCare Clinic Sydney, give us a call on 1300 883 884 or email

Workshops and Seminars

ScoliCare Australia runs scoliosis workshops throughout the year to provide hands-on training for scoliosis diagnosis, assessment, and case management. For upcoming seminars, visit


We offer selected scoliosis bracing and rehabilitation techniques based on the best and current available evidence. We are happy to discuss the merits of particular techniques, and their suitability in individual scoliosis cases.

Our team also actively participates in scoliosis research.