Gomez Scoliosis Brace

The Gomez Asymmetrical TLSO was invented by Orthopaedic Surgeon; Miguel Gomez. This approach takes into consideration the postural alignment of the patient and the scoliosis deformity in 3 dimensions. Based on this 3 dimensional assessment and assessment of the patients flexibility, computer assisted design and manufacture (CAD-CAM) is used to produce a brace that attempts to correct the patients postural and spinal deformity in all 3 planes with a focus on overall spinal balance and stability.

Most rigid TLSO systems rely on traditional plaster casting of the patient and the x-ray. The use of CAD-CAM allows unlimited manipulation of the corrective brace in all 3 planes prior to production.

The Gomez Asymmetrical TLSO can be used for infantile, Juvenile and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis treatment. In some cases it can be used in non-idiopathic cases such as congenital and neuromuscular curves. The Gomez Asymmetrical TLSO can be used as a treatment in its on right, with physical therapy or as an initial treatment for larger curves with a view to switch to SpineCor bracing when the curve is more manageable.

The Gomez system as described is currently being utilized at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston Texas, the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas Texas, Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and now the Sydney Scoliosis Clinic.

For more information on the Gomez system of treatment in Australia please email or call the Sydney Scoliosis Clinic.

Although it is our goal to successfully treat scoliosis without surgery it is important to note that in some cases, surgery may still be required and we work with doctors and orthopaedic surgeons to ensure the best results and postoperative care.