Why it’s time to Spring back into your scoliosis exercises!

Posted on September 8th, 2017 by admin

Specific scoliosis rehabilitation and exercise programs can play an important role in scoliosis treatment.

Why do we choose ‘SEAS’ for our scoliosis exercise programs?

Research has shown that adults with scoliosis get worse by 1-2 degrees per year[1].

But it also shows that with SEAS exercise program, progression can be slowed or even reversed[2].

In adolescents, SEAS has also shown to reduce the need for bracing, or to improve and maintain bracing results[3][4].

So if you’ve not been keeping up with your exercises, now is a great time book back in for a refresher with the team!

This school holidays we have opened up additional exercise rehab timeslots at our Sydney Clinic! 

It’s the perfect opportunity to:

✔ Refresh your at home strengthening and correction exercises with clinic equipment

✔ Talk to our Exercise Physiologists about your progress and have any questions answered

✔  Work in an intensive series of sessions during the school holidays

Popular times fill up quickly so give us a call on (02) 8006 0656 to book your sessions.

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